Pittsburghese involves the facial muscles as well as the vocal cords.

(Actually, it involves relaxing the mouth muscles so you canít "over-articulate"!)

Anyway, to prepare your mouth for the pleasure of speaking Pittsburghese, start with these warm-up exercises

Finished? Great! Now you're ready to study the Pittsburghese Glossary!

Exercise 1: "Relaxed and Ready"
    The Webmaster demonstrates...
  • Slowly massage both sides of your mouth.
  • As you massage, repeat the word "out" several times.
  • As your mouth muscles begin to relax, it should become difficult to make the "ou" sound. This is good.
  • Continue until you are so relaxed that you can only pronounce "out" as "aht".
    Youíre now ready for the next exercise.

Exercise 2: "Dat's it!"

    The Webmaster demonstrates...
  • Produce the sound "th" several times.
  • As you make the sound, push your tongue between your teeth and bite down hard.
  • When your tongue is very sore, stop. (The pain will remind you to always replace "th" sounds with "d", as in "Da car is over dere.")