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In loving memory of Myron Cope, without whom, much of this site would not exist. We'll miss you, Dr. Cope!

"Yinz gotta be loose to rilly speak Pittsburghese." Warm Up with these exercises designed just for you!

Pittsburghese Glossary
"Dere's many differ'nt parts of Pittsburghese!"
Study up on your nouns, verbs, adjectives, phrases, people, places, sports, and more!

Pittsburghese Translator
How would Hamlet sound, had he been from da 'Burgh? Use our translator to find aht!

Don't be ascared! Test yourself with this audio quiz!

VOA Interview
Check out our interview heard around the world on the Voice of America November 11-12, 2000!

Post-Gazette Article
From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Alan W. Petrucelli explores our language and this site in his December 1, 2008, article, A Fresh Look: Speaking clearly in Pittsburghese

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