AN-doe-neeAnthony. "Yeh, Andoenee was dahn in Bloomfield, I said hi for ya." (Submitted by Jen, Swissvale, PA)
Bill CahrBill Cowher. The greatest head coach (along with the emperor, Chaz Noll) of the greatest football team! (Submitted by Larry Schacht, Pittsburgh)
BoorbBarb. I told Boorb meet me dahn Kuhn's. (Submitted by Aaron, Dormont)
Boy BillionaireDaniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins. As Mahrn sez, "that boy billionaire can stick his head in a can of paint." (Submitted by Dick Gongaware, Vienna, VA)
BwawnnieBonnie. Hi my name is Bwawnnie. (Submitted by Bonnie Kline, Newnan, GA)
Chilly BillyBill Cardill. of WIIC's Chiller Theater. (Submitted by Jim Owston, Beckley, WV)
CurlCarol. Me & Curl are goin dahn Donzi's, yinz wanna come? (Submitted by Aaron, Dormont)
Da BusJerome Bettis. (Submitted by Kenneth Hagan, Murrysville)
Da ChiefArthur J. Rooney. Da Chief would be prahd of da Stillers. (Submitted by Chris Foreman, Greensburg, PA)
DawnDon . A man's name (no, not the sunrise). (Submitted by Joan Stevenson, Point Breeze, PA)
DidkaMike Ditka. A home-grown boy from Beaver Cahnny! (Submitted by John Dukovich, Washington, DC)
Dobre ShunkaJack Ham. Dobre Shunka is Polish for "Good Ham" and adorned a sign at Stiller games in da 70's (Submitted by Mark Benish, Lower Burrell)
Donnie AhrsDonnie Iris. A favorite local musician. (Submitted by Kevin Madzia, Pittsburgh)
Goof GossinGoose Goslin of KDKA Radio, who thinks he's cool when he does his faux Pittsburghese accent. Goof Gossin is pertendin' to talk Piksburghese again. What a jaggoff. (Submitted by Heather, Wexford)
HahrdHoward. Man's name Pronounced like hour with a d ending. (Submitted by Keith Malarik, Clemson, SC)
Hatchet Man JoeFictitious character that's always lerkin' inda woods when yer sleepin' out'n tellin' ghost stories . (Submitted by Dave Plevelich, Mesa, AZ)
HoopieFlattering name for West Virginians. (Submitted by Jim Owston, Beckley, WV)
JinJen. "Hey, Jin! Youse goin dahntahn?' (Submitted by Jennifer Cavalancia, Swissvale, PA)
Joe BachagalloupI see that you have Joe Bagadonutz and Joe Matahratz, but are lacking the equivalent term among the eyetalians, which is 'Joe Bachagalloup'. (Submitted by Ken Sobel, Nashville, TN)
Joe BagadonutzMore colorful way of saying Whatsizname. (Also see Joe Matahratz.) (Submitted by Joan Stevenson, Point Breeze, PA)
Joe BundaSimilar to Joe Matahratz, Joe Bagadonutz, and Joe Bachagalloup. Joe Bunda is the guy you blame for anything you don't want to admit to. "Which one o' yinz guys took the last Arn?" Joe Bunda." (Submitted by Dave Grus, Economy)
Joe MatahratzFictitious name used whenever you are talking about someone whose name you can't remember . I ran into that old Joe Matahratz, dat oldmill hunky dahn at the beer garten. (Submitted by Mike Simoff, Zelienople, PA)
Kerdell StewrtKordell Stewart. AKA Slash of the Stillers! (Submitted by Matt Olson, Santa Clara, CA)
LAH-renceLawrence. My husband's name is LAH-rence. (Submitted by Maryclare Stephens, )
Lah-MuuuuuuMario Lemieux. The world's greatest hockey player who calls Da Burgh "HOME." (Submitted by Chris Szymarek, McKeesport)
Marn CopeMyron Cope. WTAE/Steeler sportscaster. Possibly from a totally different planet. (Submitted by Dan Nealen, Gibsonia, PA)
MazBill Mazeroski. The greatest second baseman to ever play the game! (Submitted by Bill Ambrass, Cranberry Township)
Mhur peeTom Murphy. Mayor of our wonderful town. "Old mhur-pee goin to raise da tyaxis gen." (Submitted by Andre Parquette, Smithton)
NillNeal or Neil. Yunz going over to Nill's house? (Submitted by Neal Watzman, Cincinnata, Ahia)
Scott 'n' Jim'DVE radio tag team. Hey, did yinz hear dat Scott 'n' Jim skit on 'dve dis mornin'? (Submitted by Chris Foreman, Greensburg, PA)
Scrap IronPhil Garner of the Pirates. (Submitted by Dan DeWoody, Orlando FL)
Slick Van SlykeAndrew J. Van Slyke, Pirates centerfielder. Slick Van Slyke bats t'ird for the Pahritz (Submitted by Chris Foreman, Greensburg, PA)
Sure-ole / Shirl (rhymes w/ whirl)Anyone named Cheryl. (Submitted by Heather, Rochester)
TearyTerry. Teary Bradshaw was the greatest quarterback to ever play football. (Submitted by Terry Keelan, Los Angeles)
The GunnerBob Prince. Former Pirate broadcaster. (Submitted by Scott Burkett, Harrisburg)
The PossumJim Woods. (Submitted by Scott Burkett, Harrisburg, PA)
Tommy GunTommy Maddox. Tommy Gun and dem Stillers love beatin on da Brownies!!!! (Submitted by Michael Vermeulen, Crafton)
Yarmer YargerJaromir Jagr. The long haired Czech, #68 on the Pens. (Submitted by Dan Gigler, Baltimore, MD)