It’s time to quit jaggin around and prove your mastery of Pittsburghese! If you studied the glossary, this pop quiz will be easy -- rilly!

After you test your knowledge, head to the Answer Page to see how well you did!

1. (WAV) (AU) “Quit jaggin around with dat jumbo” implies that:
  • Someone is sticking thorns into his food.
  • Someone is holding a very big weapon.
  • Someone is playing with his food.

2. (WAV) (AU) "Dawn is rilly nebby." means that:
  • The sunrise is really nice.
  • Don’s reel is very sharp.
  • Don is a really nosy fellow.

3. (WAV) (AU) "What yinz doin en at?" translates as:
  • What are you two eating today?
  • What are the youths doing?
  • Tell me everything that you two are doing!

4. (WAV) (AU) What action do you take when you hear: "Get aht, dere’s a fahr in da filled!"
  • Laugh and smell the pretty flower.
  • Look carefully at the filled sections.
  • Leave the field and call 911.

5. (WAV) (AU) "If yinz wants served, raise your hans." translates as:
  • If you want service, lift some Germans.
  • If the youths want to play tennis, they should raise their hands.
  • If you want to be served, raise your hands.