AxstAsked. He axst (asked) for a jumbo sammitch. (Submitted by Sally Aglio, Mon Valley)
Baw-winTo cry hysterically. When I watched dat movie 'Beachez' I couldn't stop baw-win. (Submitted by Bethany Burns, Pittsburgh)
Be-havenType of good behavior. Awlright yinz kids better be be-haven yourselves down there! (Submitted by Ona Taylor, McKeesport)
BlitzenTo pout, silently, away from others. He's dahn in da cellar blitzen. (Submitted by April Campbell, Norfolk, VA)
BlizzerdingBlizzard. Snowing so hard during windy conditions that you can't see out the window. (Submitted by Jennifer G., Mt. Washington)
BlowdupBroke. My toaster blowdup. (Submitted by Bill Gazdagh, Belleville, IL)
BrungBrought. He brung a cat in the house. (Submitted by Chuck Granberg, Shaler)
Cattin Uround To flirt around when already committed to someone. Eh Bill, can'buleev my ol lady was cattin uround on me, you buleev dat? (Submitted by Josh Allenberg, Misawa AB, Japan)
ClumbClimed. I clumb over the fence. (Submitted by Milton Callan, Burbank, CA)
ComeCame. So I come outta Three Rivers, and 'eres a bum axin me fer money! (Submitted by Brendan Sherry, Blacksburg, VA)
ConjagateThink. Shadd'up I'm tryin' to conjugate (Submitted by Brandon Fisher, Ellwood City, PA)
Deer spottin'Driving through PA game lands at night shining a spot light on deer.. Let's take the Jimmy deer spottin'. (Submitted by Mark, Akron)
DethawDefrost. I have to dethaw the chicken. You can say unthaw too. (Submitted by Michelle Painter, Minneapolis, MN)
Dickerin'To bargain. I've been dickerin' with that salesman for an hour. (Submitted by Amy & Bobby DeaVer, Connellsville)
Dip-upTo put dinner on the table. I'm going to dip-up dinner...get ready to eat. (Submitted by Lou Ann Goodrum, Penn Boro)
DitchedRan away from. Steve was a jag off , so we ditched him. (Submitted by Gary Patz, Dallas, TX)
Divvy upTo divide or separate. Divvy up the candy so yinz all can have some. (Submitted by Shaun Cloonan, Westminster College)
DrugPast tense of drag. I went to a bar and drug this guy home with me. (Submitted by E. Filderman, Pittsburgh)
EtAte. We et like pigs at the picnic. (Submitted by Amy Smallman, Stow, OH)
FeeschunFishing. Gitcher pole an go feeschun danat da Mon. (Submitted by John Shearer, Herminie)
FellFail. He felled the test. (Submitted by Guy DeRose, Palmdale, CA)
Fig-gurdFigured. (Submitted by David Hoerster, Sacramento, CA)
FordForward. The next person that sends me a ford, I'll hafta keel. (Submitted by Katrina, Canonsburg)
Gall-a-vantTo ride around all day, for no good reason. Usually associated with shoppin' n' nat. "Where yinz been, yuz been gall-a-vantin' for hours?" (Submitted by Joshua Patton, Bellevue, PA)
GetdaGet to. Yinz getda wurk! (Submitted by Paul O'Donnell, Pittsburgh)
GitGet. Git that dog aht of here. (Submitted by Rodger Gergacs, Chesterland, OH)
GoinkGoing. Hey, are yinz two goink to eat doze klahndikes der er what? (Submitted by Dan DeWoody, Orlando Florida)
GopherGo for. Let's gopher a walk. (Submitted by T.M. Zangla, South Greensburg, PA)
Got FivesReserve this. I got fives on dat dere seat! (Submitted by Chad, Pitt)
GowenGoing. Yinz gowin dahntahn to tree rivers to see da buckcoos play? (Submitted by Harry, Washington, DC)
GreezeGrease. Bedder greeze the car 'cuz we gotta drive all daway tah Altoona. (Submitted by Dick Bell, Kennesaw, GA)
Hawkin'Selling. Hay Mr. Iris, why are ya hawkin' clothes at Pants N'at?... What's up wit dat? (Submitted by Cabbage & Rute, Kent, Ohio)
He goes/I goHe said/I said. He goes "Hey, are yinz guys go'n to the mall?" and I go "Yah, yan-to go too?" (Submitted by Linda Vissari & Elliot Wilbur, Westwood, CA)
HigherRaise, increase. I am goi'n to call Dollar Bank to see if they will higher my ATM limit (Submitted by Jen, The Burgh)
HookTo steal. Hey, which one of yous s.o.b.s hooked my arn when I was in da jon? (Submitted by Allan Gereg, St. Clairsville, OH)
HowinHowling; laughing. I was howin at that Pittsburghese web page. In its simplest form: "What a how." (Submitted by Lynne Ragazzini, Arlington, VA)
HunnertThe number after 99. (Submitted by , )
Hunt-upTo look for, search. It's gettin cold aht, yinz better hunt-up yer mittens. (Submitted by Kim Burke, Washington, DC)
HuntinLooking for something. I am going to the mall to hunt an umbrella. (Submitted by Melissa Kochick, Ohio State University)
IntendoNintendo. Yinz bitter stop playin' that Intendo so much or yinz'll ga blind. (Submitted by Sharon Brown, Lower Burrell)
JagginTo bother or annoy. Quit jaggin me! (Submitted by Rhonda Goodling, Homestead)
JukeFlinch. Scaredja, two fer juken (Submitted by Rich Kier, Lompoc, CA)
JukeDuck. If the batter hits the ball at your head , you gotta juke (Submitted by D.T. Chauvin, West Deer township)
KeeledKilled. Did yinz hear baht dat guy gitten keeled inis car lassnite? (Submitted by Jamie Cloos, Cory)
KenyaCan you. Also a country in Africa or maybe Ohio. "Kenya get me an arn, buddy?" (Submitted by Fred Mullner, Butler, PA)
KeppumKept them. I took my ahns an keppum cool in a pail of wuddar. (Submitted by David Hennell, London, UK)
KookCook. I hafta get tada haus an kook a mil (Submitted by Wade Kuhlewind, Connellsville)
LagahnLog on. I coudn lagahn to 'merican ahnline coz their nummers aways bizzy (Submitted by Dan Mahaffey, Ingram)
LeaveLet. Leave go of the bat before yinz run ta first base. (Submitted by Sue Baird, Fort Worth, Texas)
LeftLet. My boss left me leave early. (Submitted by heath hankinson, Oakmont)
Liftin'To put a meal on the table. I'll be liftin dinner at 5 or "I can't talk right now, I'm liftin dinner." (Submitted by Rita , Irwin)
LoafTo hang out. I used to loaf dahn at Yesterday's n'at. (Submitted by Curt Miner, Harrisburg, PA)
LookyLook at this. Looky, there's a Gian'Iggle dahn'a street. (Submitted by Joel Kmetz, Durham, NC)
MemberRemember. Member last summer, we went to Kennywood? (Submitted by Evelyn Andrews, Harrisburg, PA)
NeedsSimplifies needs to be. Da gutter needs fixed. (Submitted by Maurice Coleman, Freedom, PA)
NotcheTo touch something dirty, (i.e. an animal) OR to make something dirty. Yer gonna hafta wash yer hans after notchin' the cat. OR I just cleanedawindas, don't get em all notched up. (Submitted by Brandon Sirko, Claysburg, PA)
Ooglin'Staring. We was all ooglin over one a 'dem dahntahn babooshka mamas. (Submitted by Cabbage, Rute & Richard, Kent, Ohio)
OutenTo turn off. Outen the light before you go to sleep. (Submitted by Tim Iafolla, Rockville, MD)
Pick upClean. Pick up your room. (Submitted by Nancy Phillips, Cranberry Township)
PinchTo be given a citation by a police officer. A cop pinched me for goin' 60 on the Boulevard of the Uhlies (Submitted by Jim Owston, Beckley, WV)
Plinkin'Shooting at random objects with a rifle - often while walking through the woods or a junkyard.. Let's go plinkin' up in tha junkyard. (Submitted by Mark, Akron)
Plog/ploggedClogged. This refers to the reason your stationary tub overflows on the celler floor. "Yinz better watch aht, da stationary tub's plogged up and its leakin all over da cellr floor." My father-in-law gets a lot of abuse about saying this one a lot. (Submitted by Brian Jefferds, Kaiserslautern, Germany)
PooshPush. Would you poosh my car off the road? (Submitted by M. Bristor,, Washington, PA)
Press offIron clothes. Lemme press off that shirt before you put it on. (Submitted by Rachel , Uniontown)
RasslinWrestling. Yinz stop rasslin back dere! (Submitted by Michael Friedman, Shadyside)
Redd offClear off. Redd off the table (Submitted by Rich Kier, Lompoc, CA)
Redd upTo tidy up. Hey, quit jaggin around and redd up this room! (Submitted by Everyone, every corner of the free world.)
RinchRinse. I gotsta rinch my hair now that it's been worshed. (Submitted by Elaine Murphy, North Side)
RodeTo take a passenger. Jimmy rode me to the AnP in his cahr. (Submitted by Wayne Wright, Huntsville, AL)
Roon, Roont, or RoonedRuin, and its variations. (Submitted by Monika, Germantown, MD)
Root'nSearching, Looking. Whadda Ya Root'n Around Fer? (Submitted by Liz, Aliquippa)
Rutch (Rhymes with butch)To squirm. Yinz quitcher rutchin' around backair! Often heard by children riding in the backseat. (Submitted by Dave Wertz, Alamogordo, NM)
SaysSaid. So I says to him, yinz wanna go dahn Primanti's n'at? (Submitted by Brendan Sherry, Blacksburg, VA )
ScoochMove over. Hey, scooch your hiney over and lemee sit dahn! (Submitted by Rose Trunzo, Charleroi)
ScootchMove. Scootch over, wouldja? (Submitted by Lynne Ragazzini, Arlington, VA)
ScroonrahndScrewing around. He was scroonrahnd wit my ol' lady (Submitted by Matt, Norside Pittsburgh)
SeenSaw. I seen the plane was in trouble just before it busted up. (Submitted by Candy Miller, Coudersport, PA)
SepertSeparate. Sepert yer clothes so I can worsh 'em. (Submitted by Darren Gailey, Johnstown)
SharnTaking a shower. E cain't come aht air right now, he'z sharn. (Submitted by Martin W. Kalish, Jackson, MI)
ShinnyClimb. Shinny up dat telephone pole and untangle my kite. (Submitted by Keith Mikesell, Alvin, TX)
SkiveTo be takin advantage of. That jagoff from Dallas en at skived me for the parkin spot duhn at 3 rivers. (Submitted by Steve Graf, Dorseyville)
SkwillinSquealing. I took da car dahnna shop, cawz the brakes wur skwillin. (Submitted by Matthew Wood, Cambridge, MA)
SlepinOverslept. Sorry I'm late, I must've slepin. (Submitted by Mark Sekelick, Napa, CA)
SmahlSmile. Opposite of frown. "Smahl good now, I wanna take yer pitcher." (Submitted by Rick Wentley, West Palm Beach, FL)
SmutzTo kiss. Any sloppy drooling, as in "Da dog is smutzin' up my clean winda" or "Yer smutzin' all over that sammitch." Or my favorite from my Grandma, "C'mere and give me a big smutz." (Submitted by Rhondalee Rohleder, Cave Creek, AZ)
Soap PowderLaundry Detergent. For some reason people West of Pa. haven't heard of this term. (Submitted by Jeff Smith, Columbus, OH)
SperledSpoiled. "Nah look whut ya done! Ya sperled the whole thin'! (Submitted by Heather Brannen, Pittsburgh)
Sprag or Spragg or SpragueTo use your feet as a brake. Stop spraggin' yer feet. (Submitted by Jim Owston, Beckley, WV)
SprankleSprain. Youz keep wearin' m high hills n'at youz'll spankle your ankle. (Submitted by Amy Vehar Yarnot, Bethel Park, PA)
SpuntSpent. We spunt alls the money on Stillers tickets. (Submitted by Grant Lindsay, Pittsburgh, PA)
SquarshTo squish or mash. Hay Hon, come 'ere and squarsh this daddylongleg! (Submitted by Jennifer Kunz, Los Angeles, CA)
SteerStir. Not to be confused with what you do to your car; "Gimme dat strahw so's I kin steer my coffee." (Submitted by Ray Orkwis, Arlington, VA)
StoledStolen. Hey, you stoled all my jumbo! (Submitted by Fred Mullner, Butler, PA)
Stop upCome over. I told 'dem guys to stop up! (Submitted by Byron Shindler, Houston, TX)
StrampStep on. Be careful not to stramp on the cat. (Submitted by Teddy Antoon, Hopwood, PA)
ThrowedThrew. Didya see him throwed that ball? (Submitted by Linda Marple, Moon Township)
TookenTaken, stolen, removed. Hey I need to call the police. my purse was tooken! (Submitted by Jen , The Burgh)
TrampStep. Don't tramp on at lit cigret with your bare feet. (Submitted by Vivian Corr, Los Angeles, CA)
UnloosenTo make something loose. Can you unloosen da lid for me? (Submitted by Dave Dee, Seabrook, MD)
UnthawDefrost. Take the chicken outa da freezer so's it can unthaw. (Submitted by Gloria Laugherty, Connellsville)
VideoinVideo Taping. Are yinz gonna be videoin the Stiller game? (Submitted by Chad M. Burnheimer, Fayetteville, NC)
WantsWants to be. He wants taken seriously. (Submitted by Laura Mesner, Nashville, TN)
WishtWished. I rilly wisht he'd worsh himself once in a while. (Submitted by D. McCormick, Dormont)
WorshWash. I gotta worsh my car. (Submitted by Chuck Ross, Bloomsburg, PA)
WorshtWashed. My car needs worsht. (Submitted by Leslie Bush, Youngstown, OH)
WrenchedTwisted. I wrenched my foot dahntahn. (Submitted by Jim Nazaruk, Butler, PA)
WrinchRinse. After I worsh my hair I wrinch the soap aht of it. (Submitted by Jim Park, Pittsburgh)
Wuhn chaWouldn't you. Wuhn cha rather by an arn? (Submitted by Allison Black, Okinawa, Japan)
Yak, Yakked, YakkinTo Talk, speak. My old lady wuz yakkin on da phone all nite n'at. (Submitted by Rachel & Michael Mohr, North Hills)
YarYou Are. Tell me where yar goin to party tonight! (Submitted by D. Krucik, Monongahela)