A cue stickAcoustic. Do you have the a cue stick version of dat Sahside Jawny song? (Submitted by John Rasulo, New York)
AbeastFat. That chick in stretch-pants is abeast. (Submitted by Ray Fratto, Pittsburgh)
AlooseUntied. Your shoe is aloose. (Submitted by Debra Harvey, Columbia, Maryland)
AscaredAfraid or Scared. I'm ASCARED of the dark. (Submitted by Amy & Bobby DeaVer, Connellsville, PA)
Bew-D-fulBeautiful. Used especially by elderly women. "Oh, it's just bew-D-ful!" (Submitted by Lynne Washington, Raleigh, NC)
CENT-rulCentral. The rest of the world pronounces it as "cen-TRAL." (Submitted by Brian Walter, Austin, TX)
CattywompusSomething on a diagonal from each other. (Submitted by Doug Boarman, Cleveland, OH)
Cawfing JagIntense coughing attack. What's da matter wit Bobby Jawn, ze choking or sumthin? Naw, he's jus havin a cawfing jag. (Submitted by Michael Kline, Liberty Boro, PA)
CussidCursed. Those cussid kids better be quiet. (Submitted by Jim Owston, Beckley, WV)
DippyNot totally cooked. Give me some dippy eggs. (Submitted by Milton Callan, Burbank, CA)
ElumElm. A type of tree. (Submitted by Cherie Clark, Kirkwood, MO)
FONStands for Freak Of Nature. Bob is da biggest FON I've ever known! (Submitted by Craig, Trafford)
FlexicalFlexible. Aw, dem gumbands are rill flexical like. (Submitted by Andy Gespass, Point Breeze, PA)
FlustratedCombination of "flustered" and "frustrated". The clerks at Aimses were all flustrated. (Submitted by Mike Amodeo, Baldwin Borough)
FooolFull. I'm so foool from eatin all at air sahrkraht an snausages an nat, I can't hardly move. (Submitted by Barbara Cyphers, New York, NY)
GreazyGreasy. (Submitted by Ratha Grimes, Oakland)
GreezieGreasy. Boy dat jumbo is greezie. (Submitted by John Shannon, Kansas City)
Hunky-dooryFine, well. How was your day? Well, everything was hunky-doory until I got home. (Submitted by J. Grayson, Rolla, MO)
Ig'nerntRude. Dat guy who cut me off was rilly ig'nernt (Submitted by Martin Weiss, Pittsburgh)
InnerestinInteresting. That movie sure was innerestin. (Submitted by Lisa Bracall, Cranston, RI)
JaggyCrazy or goofy. Yinz know that Ricky, he's jaggy. (Submitted by Bob Benz, Knoxville, TN)
JiagundaVery big/huge . Century III mall is Jiagunda (Submitted by Nancy Velez, Waldorf, MD)
KreenKorean. My uncle fought in the Kreen War. (Submitted by Bill Crupe, Gaithersburg, Murlan)
LahsyLousy. Hey, djew try dat jumbo dawn air at da O? It's lahsy. (Submitted by Doug Hoerster, Robinson Township)
LiggleLegal. Ya gaht some liggle rights there, babe. (Submitted by Mike Turturro, Pittsburgh)
NacherlNatural. (Submitted by Michael Feltmate, Plum)
NebbyNosy or curious. Dat nebby lady asks too many questions. (Submitted by Melissa Ruffo, Hudson, MA)
NewkyalerNuclear. You gotta be keerful abaht newkyaler radiation an nat. (Submitted by Andy Gespass, Point Breeze, PA)
Oar-ingeOrange. (Submitted by Alan Miller, New York, NY)
OdorOpposite of younger. (Submitted by Brian D. Bigelow, Pittsburgh)
PriddyPretty. Dat girl yinz brought to my haus was priddy. (Submitted by Angelo & Jackie, North Side)
PullishPolish. (Submitted by Bob Connors, Houston, TX)
Reg-a-lerRegular. You're a regaler comedian! (Submitted by Joan Stevenson, Point Breeze, PA)
RoorlRural. Or does everyone screw that up? (Submitted by David New, Los Angeles, CA)
SarSour. Mum, dis milk is sar! (Submitted by Monika, Germantown, MD)
SlippySlippery. Yinz be careful, dem steps are slippy. (Submitted by Melissa Ruffo, Hudson, MA)
StooopidStupid. A coarse the Stillers are gonna win, don' be stooopid! (Submitted by Stan Debick, Saltsburg, PA)
SuckoBad. Dis year, dem Pirates'r sucko. (Submitted by Fred Mullner, Butler, PA)
SupposeblySupposedly. Supposebly, da Brahns got a good defense dis yeer. (Submitted by Stephen, Oakland)
Tet-ni-kalTechnical. Yinz can find many TET-NI-KAL jobs in dahn-tahn Picksburgh. (Submitted by Maryclare Stephens, Pittsburgh, PA)
UgeHuge, Rilly big. Dat jumbo sammitch is rilly uge!! (Submitted by Rachel & Michael Mohr, North Hills)
Whore-ibleHorrible. (Submitted by Chris Cowan, Texas)
YellaYellow. The color of the yolk of an egg. (Submitted by Lois Regina, San Diego, CA)
ZaksameExact same; just the same as. Yinz have the zaksame shoes I have. (Submitted by Lois Miller, Bailey, CO)