AbahtAbout. It's abaht time you brung us those Arns! (Submitted by Melissa Cupp, Pittsburgh)
AcrosstAcross. The dog was acrosst the street. (Submitted by Ray Wargovich, Marlton, NJ)
AginAgainst. Set the bookcase agin the wall. (Submitted by Joe Willard, Ligonier)
AhchOuch. Ahch... it's a jagger bush n'at! (Submitted by Quentin, Pittsburgh)
AhtOut. Did you go aht today? (Submitted by Renee Vargo, Freedom, PA)
Ak ShoolyActually. Ak Shooly, we went dahna Strip 'n at. (Submitted by Fran Bacvinskas, Bethel Park, PA)
All overCovered with. I fell down and I'm all over mud. (Submitted by Kari Macdonald, Ft Lauderdale)
AllsAll. Alls I have to do today is go dahntan. (Submitted by Liz Newhouse, Baden)
AnnemAn associate of a named person. Must be used directly after person's name. "Jimannem went dahnthan n'at." (Submitted by Todd Moniot, Squirrel Hill)
AnymoreLately. Anymore I seem so tired. (Submitted by Rich Kier, Lompoc, CA)
ArahndAround. Quit hangin arahnd wit dem hobos. (Submitted by Melissa Cupp, Pittsburgh)
AscaredTo feel afraid, fearful. Hey yinz jagoffs, I ain't ascared to climb at tree overdare! (Submitted by Taylor Sebastion-Vaughn, Sewickley)
AtWay to end a sentence when finding out where someone is. Where yinz at? (Submitted by Christine Barensfeld, Allison Park, PA)
AtsThat is. Ats what I said! (Submitted by Roger Muth, Rossiter, PA)
BehintBehind. Will yinz look behint the couch I dropped my dollar bill with George Warshington on it. (Submitted by Bob, West Bloomfield, MI)
BetwinkstBetween. Put doze tamatas betwinkst the patatas and carrats. (Submitted by David Plevelich, Mesa, AZ)
CripeUsed to avoid using the Lords name in vain. Cripe is this Arn warm. (Submitted by Bonnie Kline, Newnan, GA)
CuhmatCome out. Kin Mike cuhmat to play? (Submitted by Terry Keelan, Los Angeles)
Da, Dem, DoseThe, Them, Those.. Look at dem speds playin' in the dumpster! (Submitted by Sean Williams, Canonsburg)
DintDidn't. I dint do it. (Submitted by Lynne Washington, Raleigh, NC)
DissabiwittyDisability. Yinz gone dahntahn to git yer dissabiwitty check? (Submitted by Scott Shields, Greensburg)
DownstreetAs in 'I'm goin' downstreet'. When I first moved here I was in the hospital and some lady in the bed next to mine kept talking about how she couldn't wait to get out of there and go downstreet. I thought it was some town I hadn't heard of. (Submitted by Mary Kinney, Beaver, PA)
Dub yaThe letter W.. As in "What's your favorite radio station?" Three dub ya S. (Submitted by Bob Mowry, Ross Township, PA)
Dub-ah-yahW. My cuzin is flying in on T dub-ah-yah A (Submitted by Rachel Carse, Pittsburgh, PA)
Ere Tate InIrratating. (Submitted by Bill Stohr, Pittsburgh)
ExpeciallyEspecially. Pittsburgh streets are expecially bad. (Submitted by Deborah Kennedy, Moon Township)
FerFor. (Pronounced "fur"). Go fer it (Submitted by Roger O., Idaho)
FiFive. Call me at Fi-six-nine, fi-o-fi-four. (Submitted by Rick Fleck, Boston, MA)
Flyin' fractionThe old 77/54 streetcar line that went from the lower Norside to Carrick via Bloomfield, Oaklan', Souside et al.. I useta take th Flying Fraction ta' Pitt ta lern gud grammer an' spellin'. (Submitted by Paul McGrail, Clemmons, N.C.)
FrunFun. Mommy, he's making frun of the way I tock! (Submitted by Vivian Corr, Los Angeles, CA)
IchinItching. Think ya kin skratch ma back cause it's ichin? (Submitted by Keither Reiner, Yokosuka, Japan)
IllregardlessConsidered by users a sign of intellectualism. (Submitted by Jerry Hite, Rocky River, OH)
JestJust. It's jest another one of those things! (Submitted by Mullen & Alvin, Pittsburgh)
JinzDid you guys. Jinz hear what I just said? (Submitted by Josh, Pittsburgh, PA)
Kayee-KayKDKA (Pittsburgh's first radio station). Kayee-Kay is the only station I lissen to! (Submitted by Greg Jena, Pittsburgh)
MitlenMidland. I used to live in Mitlen, but now I live in da Rocks (Submitted by Bob, Rochester)
MuncleMy uncle, Vince. Muncle Bince always said "Fort Pitt thats it." (Submitted by Mark Cunningham, Foresthill, CA)
N'atAnd so forth. Used for emphasis. "We went shopping n'at." (Submitted by Alan Greer, Pittsburgh)
NaThe, when "da" isn't appropriate. Are yinz goin dahnna game tamarra nite? (Submitted by Fran Martin, Mars, PA)
NaahReplaces no as well as exclaims disbelief. (Submitted by J.E. Rash, Bedford, MA)
NeckstoreNext door. Ahr neckstore neighbor is rilly nebby. (Submitted by Rhondalee Rohleder, Cave Creek, AZ)
NeederNeither. Needer of us knew how to get onda parkway. (Submitted by Bailey & Steph, Brookline)
Nuyn-ahA disbelief. Also, "Nuy-huh" a positive, as in "Yes, it is!" (Submitted by Rev. J. David Truby, Shelocta)
OnceBurgh folks tend to do things "once". "I'm goin down the basement, once." or "I'll call her, once she gives me her number." (Submitted by Milton Callan, Burbank, CA)
OnestOnce. I only seen it onest. (Submitted by Ed Roscoe, Waynesburg, PA)
PacificSpecific. Can you be more pacific about that? (Submitted by Thomas E. Cyprych, Coraopolis, PA)
PacificsSpecifics. I don need awl dat mumbo jumbo, just gimme da pacifics arright! (Submitted by Tara Leah, Pittsburgh, PA)
PertineerAlmost. It pertineer kilt him. (Submitted by Bob Montgomery, New London, CT)
ProllyProbably. We'll prolly see him over der. (Submitted by Mike Baker, Blairsville, PA)
RillyReally. Are you rilly goin aht at dis ahr? (Submitted by Ron Thompson, Kersey, PA)
SeeinzatBecause. I'm going to the game seeinzat I got the tickets for free. (Submitted by Ron Geyer, Phoenixville, Pa.)
Shaht ahtShout out. A call of acknowledgement, especially to friends, family, or groups of people in a geographical area. "Here's a shaht aht to all the people from the Norside!" (Submitted by Rambo King, State College, PA)
ShoreSure. There shore are a lot of clahds today! (Submitted by Eric Carlson, Cupertino, CA)
SicksSixth. Dat's the Paritz sicks eer inna game! (Submitted by Linda Bair, New Kensington, PA)
So'sSo as I would. Too bad yinz can't send an arn over so's have some fer the Stillers game. (Submitted by Bob Hollis, Naperville, IL)
StillPlaced at the end of sentences. I have a cold still. "I'm working on my research paper still." (Submitted by Greg Holdan, South Park, PA)
SupposiblySupposedly. He supposibly went dahntahn today to worsh his close in the crick. (Submitted by Krista Brownlee, Pittsburgh)
The Trip Six Fix"666". When the PA Lottery was fixed by Nick Perry many years ago... they bet a bunch of money on 6-6-6, and whadda know, it came up that night! (Submitted by Joshua Patton, Bellevue)
Twunny"20". You got change for a twunny? (Submitted by Dessie Solomon, Homewood)
WahWhat. Wah yinz say about dose people? (Submitted by Chris Hannegan, Clairton)
WallyworldWal-Mart. Honey, could ya go to Wallyworld and pick up some dog fuud. (Submitted by Josh Wright, East Liverpool, Ohio)
WhatferWhat. Whatfer kinda fish is at (Submitted by Carrie Solomon, Richmond, VA)
WheneverWhen. Member whenever we first met at da O? (Submitted by Carie Friedlander, Monroeville, PA)
WiggSomething that is truly strange, something that makes you quiver. I wigged out when I saw Sophie Maslof! (Submitted by Chris Tina Marie, New Kensington, PA)
WitchewWhat are. Witchew gonna do? (Submitted by Lou Muccioli, Perryopolis)
WollWell. Woll, yinz go dahn 'air and turn right where the Winky's usta' be... (Submitted by Bonnie Madre, Hampton Roads, VA)
Wouttent, couttentWouldn't, couldn't. (Submitted by Bonnie Madre, Hampton Roads, VA)
WowWhile. Yinz stay put wow I git sumpin from necksdoor. (Submitted by Sally Fairbaugh, Phoenix, AZ)
WuddleWhat will. As that old waitress at the Oyster House in Market Square used to say, "Wuddle it be for yinz?" (Submitted by Jarrett Munkittrick, Tucson, AZ)
YetStill. You have a mess on the table yet! (Submitted by Rich Kier, Lompoc, CA)
YinzYou two are (second person plural).. Yinz are a cute couple! (Submitted by Everybody, Everywhere!)
Zackly!Exactly. Yinz know zackly what I mean. (Submitted by Matt Hummel and Bryan Botsko, Beaver, PA)