Ahrnle PahmerArnold Palmer. (Submitted by Dave Glass, Monaca)
BAL-tee-more Ray-vinsBaltimore Ravens from the mouth of Mr. Cope. Oh and, mm-hah, the BAL-tee-more RAY-vins are all da way dahn tada twenny yard lahn! (Submitted by Nick Lewis, Denver, CO)
Balitmorie BirdiesBaltimore Ravens. (Submitted by Chris Mishler, Johnstown, PA)
Bill CahrBill Cowher. The greatest head coach (along with the emperor, Chaz Noll) of the greatest football team! (Submitted by Larry Schacht, Pittsburgh, PA)
BingleInfield hit. Hank got a little bingle. (Submitted by Lynn Stephens, Southport, NC)
BlitzburghPittsburgh during the Stiller playoffs. (Submitted by Kevin Reese, Slippery Rock)
Bloop and a Blast"Bloop" single and a "blast"--home run. When the Pirates were down 2 runs, Bob Prince always used to call for a bloop and a blast (Submitted by Roger Duncan, Cathey's Valley, CA)
Brahn GahlesBrian Giles. HEY! Jusee Brahn Gahles hit that homer into the river dahn ner at PNC Park? (Submitted by supreme, da burgh)
BuccosThe Pittsburgh Pirates. (Submitted by Nick Turkas, Columbus, OH)
Bullin'Bowling. An indoor sport where the object is to knock down ten pins with a large, round ball. "Marge and me went bullin' last night, and she bulled a 175! And I ain't jaggin yur wahrs, neither!" (Submitted by Mark Mills, Austin, TX)
Cahr PahrThe force that will guide the Stillers to da Superbowl!. (Submitted by Vinnie Proffitt, USAFA, CO)
Chicken on the HillPhrase used by Bob Prince to describe a homerun hit by Willie Stargell. (Submitted by Mark Denhard, Sunrise, FL)
Cope-a-nutCoconut. When a caller to Myron Cope's talk show made an especially good point, Myron would make the caller a Cope-a-nut (Submitted by George Gleich, Bethel Park, PA)
CryboiseWords coined by Myron Cope to reference the Dallas Cowboys Football Team. (Submitted by Daniel M. Rotunno, Wickliffe, OH)
Da BunglesThe Bengals. As refered to by Mirn Cope, Stiller sportscaster. (Submitted by Joe Hohl , White Oak)
Da BusPittsburgh's own Jerome Bettis. (Submitted by Kenneth Hagan, Murrysville)
Da MeddahsThe Meadows. Yinz goin dahn ta da Meddahs ta watchem horses? (Submitted by Scott Burkett, Harrisburg)
Da Pens/Da GwinsThe Penguins. Yinz catch da Pens last night?? They sure can skate!! (Submitted by Jim Kelley, Fallon, NV)
Dems Brownies/Cleve BrowniesThe Cleveland Browns. A term coined by Myron Cope. (Submitted by Dan Konnen, Slippery Rock)
DidkaMike Ditka. A home-grown boy from Beaver Cahnny! (Submitted by John Dukovich, Washington, DC)
Emperor ChazChuck Noll. Surely he merits his own listing in the glossary, not simply a mention along with Bill Cawhr. (Submitted by Margie, Pittsburgh, PA)
Erboto ClmenteeRoberto Clemente. At Erboto Clmentee was wun dah bess players the Pa-ritz ever ad! (Submitted by Ed Eagle, McKeesport)
FUUUUUUUUUUUUU!Chris Fuamatu-ma'afala. FUUUUUUUUUUUUU! (Submitted by Chris Urik, Univ of Pgh)
Fluffya IgglesPhiladelphia Eagles. Dam 'dem Stillers lost to 'dem Fluffya Iggles again! (Submitted by Ben Ginsberg, Philadelphia, PA)
Fuzz on a tick's ear.A close call. That ball was foul by the fuzz on a tick's ear. A phrase popularized by former Pirate announcer Bob Prince. (Submitted by Ray Taylor, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Gerellas GorillasReference to Roy Gerellas (kicker for the Steelers during the 70's) fan club. (Submitted by Dan DeWoody, Orlando Florida)
Goofy GulfMiniature golf. Yinz wanna go dahn Tastee Freez on Micknite n'play sum Goofy Gulf? (Submitted by Dan Carroll, Cranberry Township)
Green WeenieFormer Pirates fan item used to jinx the other team. (Submitted by David Hoffmann, Forest Hills)
Hadded radersWords coined by Myron Cope to reference the Oakland Raiders Football Team. (Submitted by Daniel M. Rotunno, Wickliffe, OH)
Hey MerlThis is how all phone callers say hi to "Former Steeler Great" Merril Hoge during his radio talk show on WTAE. (Submitted by Eric Sokol, Pittsburgh, PA)
HooverDouble play ball as stated by the Gunner. We need a hoover to get out of this inning. (Submitted by Scott Heddinger, Atlanta, GA)
It's the Old Dipsey DoodleHe swings and misses for strike three. Rosey Rosewell - Broadcaster for the Pahrts - 40s/50s. (Submitted by Mal Malloy, San Diego, CA)
Jacksonville Jag-offsJacksonville Jaguars. Hey! Yinz catch dat game Sundy? Dem Jacksonville Jag-offs sure are cry-babies! (Submitted by Bridget, Etna)
Jax Jag-WiresThe Jacksonville Jaguars. (Submitted by Reid Muchler, Mentor, OH)
Jerry OJerry Olsavsky. Linebacker for the men in Black and Gold. (Submitted by Graham Kenrick, Mt. Lebanon)
JoePaJoe Paterno. Penn State's football coach. (Submitted by Margie, Pittsburgh, PA)
Kerdell StewrtKordell Stewart. The guy who sorta sometimes leads the Stillers offense! (Submitted by Matt Olson, Santa Clara, CA)
Knitnee LinesPenn State Nittany Lions. (Submitted by Richard Tunno, Oviedo, FL)
Lah-MuuuuuuMario Lemieux. The world's greatest hockey player who calls Da Burgh home. (Submitted by Chris Szymarek, McKeesport)
Marn CopeMyron Cope. WTAE/Steeler sportscaster. Possibly from a totally different planet. (Submitted by Dan Nealen, Gibsonia)
MazBill Mazeroski. The greatest second baseman to ever play the game! (Submitted by Bill Ambrass, Cranberry Township)
Minnie VikesMarn Cope's abbreviation for the Minnesota Vikings. (Submitted by Tom Ploskina, Oakland)
Mm-ahOdd phrase uttered by sportscaster Myron Cope. Mm-ah -- dis is Marn Cope on sports (Submitted by Joshua Thimons, Allison Park)
MooseJohann Hedberg. The Moose made another great save. (Submitted by Lynn Stover, Savannah, GA)
Oakel-DoakelAnother famous phrase by Myron Cope. (Submitted by David Salvia, State College, PA)
Ohhh, Eddie Spaghetti!!!Saying from Mike Lange, Pittsburgh Penguins announcer when another great goal has been scored. (Submitted by Lauren, Pittsburgh, PA)
PahrtsPirates, Buccos. Dem lahsy Paritz lost again! (Submitted by Jim Colletti, McMurray)
Pantsy ParkPNC Park. Yinz bin to da new Pantsy Park yet? (Submitted by Bill Pusateri, Pitsburgh)
PopsWillie Stargell. Pops wuz da Capin' uh da Famlee 'at wan da Werld Sirees bahck en 79! (Submitted by Marky Billson, Johnson City, TN (but committed to return))
Rocky BlahrRocky Blier. Former running back for da Stillers. (Submitted by Aaron Henderson, Greensburg)
Sell My Monkey!Jagr just scored. (Submitted by Derek , Philadelphia)
ShportsMyron Cope say'n "Dis iss Myrn Cope ahwin SHPORTS!". (Submitted by Brian Frick, Appleton, WI)
Souled ahtSold out. Da Stiller games are always souled aht. (Submitted by Jeff Pizutti, Economy, PA)
Still Curtin'The Steel Curtain. Defense of the 70's for the Steelers. (Submitted by Josh Pollock, Washington & Jefferson College)
StillersThe Steelers. (Submitted by Mike Kaveney, Washington, PA)
Tear-ble TahlTerrible Towel. A towel used to root on the Stillers -- created by Marn Cope. (Submitted by Dave Hoffmann, Forest Hills)
The Jacks that SackReference to Jack Ham and Jack Lambert of the Steelers defense. (Submitted by Yvonne Dailey, Concord, MA)
The LigThe National Football League. That (referee's call) was a debacle, I'm calling the Lig -- Bill Cahr (Submitted by Bob Hollis, Naperville, IL)
Yarmer YargerJaromir Jagr. (Submitted by Dan Gigler, Baltimore, MD)
Yoy, yoy, double yoy!Famous phrase by (Steeler sportscaster) Myron Cope. (Submitted by Bob Pavlakovic, East Pittsburgh)