Agony CollegeAllegheny College. (Submitted by Michael Higgins, Center Valley, PA)
AhiaOhio. The river, boulevard and neighboring state (Submitted by Greg Szekeres, Pittsburgh)
AhtdaviwageTo South Hills Village. Mum's goin' ahtdaviwage Sahrdee, Kaufmann's is havin a close sill. (Submitted by Beth Blackwood, Alexandria, VA)
AimsesAmes department store. Hey, didja hear Aimses got summa dem new Pens Hats? (Submitted by Bradley Yamrick, State College, PA)
Al-ColaAlcoa. (Submitted by Jean Gantzer, Cranberry Township)
Alcatraz onde MonAllegheny County Jail. Dat new cahny prizn dahntahn onde Mon river (Submitted by Stroucki, University of Pittsburgh)
Apaula Apollo. Apaula is a tahnchip near Pittzburgh (Submitted by Jim Doyle, Port Hueneme, CA)
B-you-na Vista or just "Bueny"The tiny town (on the Yock!) of Buena Vista . (Submitted by Larry Kay, Mount Oliver)
BawnsesBohn's. The motorsickle shop on Rt. 51 near the tubes. (Submitted by Amy Vehar Yarnot, Bethel Park, PA)
BeerBeaver. As in Beer Fahs, PA. (Submitted by Rick Pantaleo, Washington, DC)
BellSooverBeltzhoover. A community on the southern side of the Mt. Washington hill. (Submitted by Lain Lee, Vacaville, CA)
BenditbatesThe Bend at Bates. A place where traffic always seems to back up... because it's on just about every radio station's traffic report. (Submitted by Alan Freed, Pittsburghese Webmaster)
Big BirdGiant Eagle. (or Jine Iggle) (Submitted by Seth, Philadelphia)
BishviewBeechview. The Pittsburgh Neighborhood on the south side of the Liberty Tubes. (Submitted by Bruce Nordeen, Pittsburgh)
Bloomfilled/BlumfilAnother suburb of Picksburgh. (Submitted by Joe Werner, Greensburg, PA)
Blow Off Your College EducationBoyce Campus of the Community College of Allegheny County. (Submitted by Ellen, Morningside)
Bobby MoRobert Morris College located dahtahn. (Submitted by Barbara Cyphers, New York, NY)
BraddickBraddock. Not pronouced like it looks but like Braddick. (Submitted by Kathy Ramsey, Wilkins Township, PA)
BrahnsvilleBrownsville. Smawl tahn on da 'Mon (Submitted by Rich Washabaugh, Indiana, PA)
Buh-lerButler. The next Cahnty north of hear is Buh-ler. (Submitted by Teary Keelan, Los Angeles, CA)
Bulvard DalliesBoulevard of the Allies. (Submitted by Chris Maples, University of Pittsburgh)
Car-NAY-geeCarnegie. Pronounced car-NAY-gee, but known to the restof the world as CAR-ne-gee. (Submitted by Richard Ting, Brown University, RI)
CennertawnhshipCenter Township. Area in the middle of Beaver County. Home to Cennerhighskoll and the Be'er Valley Mall. (Submitted by Dana Caputo, Center Township)
Center of the universeBreezewood. (Submitted by John McKee, Palmyra, VA (originally Nu Ken))
ChurchheelChurchill. A suburb of Pittsburgh (Submitted by Dessie Solomon, Homewood)
Clare-unheSteel-mill town of Clairton, PA. Pronounced almost like two words. (Submitted by Larry Adams, Baldwin Boro)
Con YachtConneaut. (Submitted by Jean Gantzer, Cranberry Township)
Con-ahs-villeConnellsville. Almost never pronounced with enough L's. (Submitted by Jenni Stern, Con-ahs-ville)
Cory or COR-e-opolisCoraopolis. I don't know about you, but I still haven't figured out where the 'e' comes from! (Submitted by David Hoerster, Sacramento, CA)
Cucca-BuccaCCBC. Community College of Beaver County (Submitted by Wes Rogers, Aliquippa)
CwevewandCleveland. City in Ohio to the Northwest of Pittsburgh. (Submitted by Shari DeSalvo, Lakewood, OH)
DEE-troitDetroit. (heavy accent on the first syllable) (Submitted by Joyce Overly, Gastonia, NC)
Da HllThe Hill District. Pronounced without the "i" -- It is located right above Oakland. "She live up in Da Hll" (Submitted by , )
Da OThe Original Hotdog Shop. The Hot Dawg Place in Oakland (Submitted by Murray Zimpher, Mars, PA)
Da PointThe Point. The place where da tree rivers meet. (Submitted by Matt Fallon, McMurray)
Da StripThe Strip District (Sorry, everyone there is clothes). Famous for wholesalers, warehouses and restaurants. (Submitted by Tanya Struthers, Ambridge, PA)
Da TubesEither the Fort Pitt or Liberty Tunnels. (Submitted by Lain Lee, Vacaville, CA)
Da'BurghOur fair city. (Submitted by Larissa Kisner, Palm Beach, FL)
Dahn-a Shtrip(Going to) the Strip. Wear goin' dahn-a shtrip fer some rill good food. (Submitted by Greg Jena, Pittsburgh)
DahnareenaDown to the Civic Arena. Yinz goin' dahnareena ta watch 'em Penguins? (Submitted by Bonnie Madre, Hampton Roads, VA)
DahnnaroxMcKees Rocks. To get there, follow West Carson past West End and Esplen. (Submitted by Ken Connors, Homestead)
Dew-kwez-neePhonetically correct way of saying Duquesne University. (Submitted by Barbara Cyphers, New York, NY)
Doo BoysDuBois. Yinz goinda mall in doo boys? (Submitted by Diane, Akron, OH)
DwonzeesDonzi's. Yinz goin' dahn Dwonzees en at?! Get aht! (Submitted by Holly, Up 'ere in da Nort'ills)
E StreetEast Street. (Submitted by Jon Pearsall, Mars, PA)
E-SpitzburgEast Pittsburgh. (Submitted by Jake Saalinger, Tampa, FL)
Eas' AhiaEast Ohio Street. (Submitted by Bonnie Madre, Hampton Roads, VA)
East JabibDescribes any place far away. He lives ahtin east jabib some eres. (Submitted by Beth, Pittsburgh)
Eaten Park or Eden ParkEat and Park. Popular and abundant local restaurant chain. (Submitted by Stephen Glicker, New York, NY)
Eeesa-burbanEast Suburban. Yins goin dahn ta see her at eeasaburban? As in the old hospital before it was Forbes Regional. (Submitted by Nina, Slippery Rock)
EltunaAltoona. City in central Pennsylvania (Submitted by Brian Walter, Austin, TX)
Eye-UpIUP. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a state university about an hour north of Picksburgh. (Submitted by Chris Momberger, New Kensington, PA)
EynearEye and Ear. As in the hospital (Submitted by Robert Franco, Sewickley)
FilthadelfeaPhiladelphia. Pittsburgh is better than Filthadelfea! (Submitted by Carrie Anne Krall, Batavia, IL (formerly Beaver Falls, PA))
Fo Pit TunilFort Pitt Tunnel. Ahn then yinz take the Fo Pit Tunil inta da burgh. (Submitted by Aleecia McDonald, Reston, VA)
Forbes StreetForbes Avenue. For some reason, everybody in Squorl Hill refers to Forbes Avenue as Forbes Street. "Ahm goin up Forbes Street ta get an arn at da Squorl Hill Cafe." (Submitted by Rick Wentley, West Palm Beach, FL)
GibboGibsonia. Yno, Just nord of ellison park on raht 8. (Submitted by Kim Campbell, Canandaigua, NY)
Grin-FilledGreenfield. (Submitted by Alison Novicki, Squirrel Hill)
Harvard on the Mon or "CACK"Any branch of CCAC. Nicole Razorsek (Submitted by Nicole Razorsek, University of Kentucky)
HeelsNow-defunct Hills Department Stores. Dey got summa dem new Terr-bull Tahls dahn Heel's. (Submitted by Lynne Ragazzini, Arlington, VA)
Height of StupidityCathedral of Learning. (Submitted by Tom Glover, Dayton, OH)
Hi'lan ParkHighland Park. Yinz needs yer drivers test taken dahn at Worshinton blvd by Hi'lan Park zoo (Submitted by Gregory Nagy, Brunswick, MD)
Hia PailOhiopyle. (Submitted by Bethany Buchko, McKees Rocks)
HittenalleyHidden Valley. Yinz wanna go skiin' up air at Hittenalley dis weekend? (Submitted by Melissa Szczerba, Belle Vernon)
IglooCivic Arena. Piksburgh's home of da Pens! (Submitted by P.J. Pietrandrea, Blacksburg, VA)
Ill-lun-noiseIllinois. One of the 50 States. "We went dahn to Chigogaa and all over Ill-lun-noise n'at." (Submitted by Dave Hussey, Monroeville)
ItlyItaly. The country, pronounced without the "a." (Submitted by Anita McGregor, Bethesda, MD)
JaynelJ & L Steel mills. Pap jest went ta work. He's a millrat at Jaynel. (Submitted by Dave Bodkin, Cumming, GA)
Jine IggleGiant Eagle supermarket. Git me some jumbo dahn at Jine Iggle!! (Submitted by Leslie Jones, Coral Springs, FL)
JohwanstahnJohnstown. (Submitted by Richard Simpson, Indianapolis, IN)
JumonvilleThe sticks or some remote place in the country (like Punxsy). I got lost and drove all the way to Jumonville. (Submitted by Joan Stevenson, Point Breeze)
K-MarkK-Mart. Hey yinz guys, ja wanna go ta K-Mark? (Submitted by J. and B. Taylor, Harrisonburg, VA)
KairkCarrick. A small neighborhood nestled between Mahnt Auver and Brentwood. (Submitted by Dan Gigler, Baltimore, MD)
LahrburlLower Burrell. A'm g'on dahn ta Larhburl on Fridey (Submitted by Caitlin, Lower Burrell)
LahrnsvillLawrenceville. Mostly a Pullish neighborhood. (Submitted by Bob Connors, Houston, TX)
Lay-TrobeLatrobe. Arnold Palmer's hometown. (Submitted by Michael Bennett, Latrobe)
Lebo or Mahnt LeboMount Lebanon. Affluent suburb in the Sauth Hills. (Submitted by Dad Gigler, Baltimore, MD)
LibityLiberty. Um goin to Libity" Avinoo." (Submitted by Mushtaq Syed, Pittsburgh)
Little WarshingtonWashington, PA. (Submitted by Ed Thoma, Laurel, MD)
LowrburlLower Burrell. Up raht 28 North, crost the Trenum bridge. (Submitted by Julie Polczynski, Lower Burrell)
Mahnt AuverMount Oliver. The part of Sahside on da hill. (Submitted by Joe Shaughnessy, University of Deleware)
McNightmare RoadMcKnight Road. That whore-bile road in da North Hills. (Submitted by Heidi Lewis, State College, PA)
Mickey's RocksMcKees Rocks. An outlying Pittsburgh community. (Submitted by Charles J. Schlotter, Los Angeles, CA)
MillvullMillvale. The small community next to Etna and across the Allegenyfrom Lorensville n'at. (Submitted by Tony Nicola, Nashville, TN)
Mitlin/Mid-tahwnMidland, PA. (Submitted by John T. Sano, Jr., Beaver Falls)
MonMonongahela River. One of the three majestic rivers running through the 'Burgh. "All dat rain flooded da Mon again'n da Point's unner three feeta worter." (Submitted by Nicole Kemerer, Chicago, IL)
Mon-cityMonongahela, PA. (Submitted by Gery Sutherland, Hendersonville, PA)
Monkey WardsMontgomery Wards. It's too bad that Monkey wards shut down, it was a good store. (Submitted by Hansen Brenkus, Pittsburgh)
MorovilleMonroville. I went to da Moroville Mall (Submitted by Rachel Danielson, Jamestown, Pa)
Mt. WarshingtonMt. Washington. Dat mountn by the river. (Submitted by Steve Bowser, West Newton)
Munkey WardsMontgomery Wards. Yinz ken steel git a bargin at Munkey Wards. (Submitted by Rick , Hufftown)
New AleckNew Alexandria. A small town on Route 22 between Blairsville and Delmont. (Submitted by Allen Cohen, North Huntingdon)
New KinNew Kensington. (Submitted by Dave Tipton, Arlington, VA)
NorsideOpposite of Sahside. I was once informed that "Dere are only two parts to Picksburgh: da Norside and da Ahtside!" (Submitted by Bonnie Madre, Hampton Roads, VA)
North Fur-salesNorth Versailles. (Submitted by Roger Smithers, Robinson Township)
OaklinOakland. Where Pitt is. (Submitted by Cindy Henkel Marszal, Austin, TX)
OatmontOakmont. (Submitted by Nick & Arlene Caruso, Gardnerville, NV)
OdderdiceAllderdice (as in "Taylor Allderdice High School". Many Odderdice graduates have gone on to great things, n'at. (Submitted by Joel Lederer, Seattle, Warshington)
Owl's CafeAl's Café. A popular nightspot located Bethel Park. (Submitted by Jeff Hayes, Pittsburgh)
P-Bros/PermaneesPrimanti Brothers Restaurant in the Strip District. Featuring the world's only sammiches served with fries on them, no matter what sammich is ordered! (Submitted by Tom Denove, Orlando, FL)
PalaApollo. I'm going into Apollo to the bank. (Submitted by June Posney, Apollo)
Panter HollahPanther Hollow. Park near Pitt. "Yinz goin for a strollin Panter Hollah after class today?" (Submitted by Tom Robey, University of Pittsburgh)
Pants N'atThe cheap clothes store used in WDVE skits by Scott an Jim in da mornin. (Submitted by Kevin Koch, Bethel Park)
Peanut HeavenThe upper, general admission seats at Three River Stadium. (Submitted by Richard Kuzma, Rochester, NY)
PensivaniaPennsylvania. William Penn's favorite state. (Submitted by Laurie Smith, Covode, PA)
PicksburghOur fair city. (Submitted by Dana Tanto, Pittsburgh)
Pla-umboA.J. Palumbo Center. You gawn dahn Pla-umbo to see da Dooks play? (Submitted by Matthew Wood, Cambridge, MA)
PlumberaPlum Boro. An eastern suburb of Pittsburgh. "Wher yinz from?" "Plumbera" (Submitted by Dave Dubois, Plum Boro)
PymatoomingPymatuning Lake. (Submitted by Joel Kmetz, Durham, NC)
Quippa/Quip TownAliquippa. You almost never hear Aliquippa called anything else. (Submitted by Georgette Frey, Aliquippa)
SEEattleSeattle, WA. (Submitted by Joyce Hopkins, Los Gatos, CA)
SahsideSouth Side. A city neighborhood along the Mon. (Submitted by Penny Johnston, Upper St. Clair)
Sauth HillsSouth Hills. If you go tru da Tubes, You end up in the Sauth Hills (Submitted by Stephanie Jackson, Dormont, PA)
Scran'inScranton, PA. Also used in the phrase, "Yinz took da shore way round by Scran'in" (you took the short way around by Scranton), which means dat yinz wen rilly aut ada way to git tyer final destination. (Submitted by Katie Brennan, Wellesley, MA)
Seen EelSeton Hill (College). Over in Greensbahg. (Submitted by Jenn Domaracki, Connellsville)
Shahrteer's CrickChartiers Creek. A stream running through Mickey's Rocks (Submitted by Charles J. Schlotter, Los Angeles, CA)
ShaiesideShadyside. A neighborhood east of the city with cool jazz. (Submitted by Stephen Glicker, New York, NY)
Sheet-esSheetz. The local Convenience stores around Western PA. (Submitted by Craig Fluck, Macon, GA)
SherdinSheraden. Where I'm from! (Submitted by Rich Kier, Lompoc, CA)
Sick StreetSixth Street. A dahntahn location. (Submitted by , )
Sliberty/EslibertyEast Liberty. An East End neighborhood. (Submitted by Marilyn Hite, Pittsburgh)
Slimmy BoulderSlippery Rock. He goes to Slimmy Boulder U! (Submitted by Barbara Gelzhiser, Pittsburgh)
Slippy Rock (also: "Slimy Pebble, Slick Boulder")Slippery Rock. About an hour north of Picksburgh... home of Slippery Rock University! (Submitted by Parke Wiegman, Cornell University)
SliverpullEast Liverpool. Tahn over dare in Ahia dat's a rival wit Stoopidville (Steubenville) (Submitted by Dave Kraft, Marietta, Ga)
Smiffeeld Streed BrigeSmithfield Street Bridge. (Submitted by , )
SouSideSouth Side. I'm going to the South Side (Submitted by Matt, Castle Shannon)
Squor H'lSquirrel Hill. A neighborhood east of the city. (Submitted by Jayant Rajgopal, Pittsburgh)
Stink CrickThe creek which flows through Frick Park Holla. When I was young (early '60s) raw sewage flowed in this body of water and that's how it was named. (Submitted by Debbie DiPerna, Boston, MA)
SwicklySewickley . Let's get some hoagies at the Swickly Giant Igl. (Submitted by Martha Rogers, Sewickley Heights)
TahnshipTownship. The basic municipal entity inside a Cahny is the tahnship. (Submitted by Teary Keelan, Los Angeles, CA)
Tambi'sTambellini's Resturaunt. Just beyond the Tubes! (Submitted by Patrick A. Coyne, Chesapeake, VA)
TarnationA fictional place wer yer los stuff goez. Where in Tarnation did yunz put my keys? (Submitted by Joey, Sauth Hills)
The "Al"Allegheny. As in the river which meets the Mon to form the Ohio (Submitted by Paul Pleczkowski, Mount Oliver)
The "T"Pittsburgh's subway/trolley system. Comes from "LRT" (light rail transit). (Submitted by Jason Tang, Pittsburgh)
The BottomsThe lower end of Mickey's Rocks. (Submitted by Tim Burgoyne, Altoona, PA)
The IglooThe Civic Arena. I think it was coined by Mike Lang or Paul Staggerwald during a pens game. (Submitted by Jason Hominsky, Greensburg)
The KerNEGGYThe Carnegie. Museum, music hall, etc. (Submitted by Jayant Rajgopal, Pittsburgh)
Tree RiversThree Rivers Stadium. Where the Stillers do there thing! (Submitted by Mike Soltis, Columbiana, OH)
TrenumTarentum. Up raht 28 North. (Submitted by Julie Polczynski, Lower Burrell)
Turdle CrickTurtle Creek. That little place near Munroefil (Submitted by Cindy Henkel Marszal, Austin, TX)
Unner da clockUnder the clock. I'll meet you unner Kaufman's clock for lunch. You don't have to say Kaufmans to know which clock. (Submitted by Vince Joyce, Harrisburg, PA)
Up StreetForbes and Murray Avenues. We're goin' Up Street to go shoppin' and get some Mineos pizza and some arn. (Submitted by J.E. Rash, Beford, VA)
Up the 'SpringsSeven Springs. Yinz goin'skiin' up the Springs this weekend n'at? (Submitted by Jim Kelley, Fallon, NV)
VannagrifVandergrift. But is always said VANNAGRIF! (Submitted by Mike Kakias, Vandergrift)
VatagonVatican. The pope lives in the Vatagon in Itly. (Submitted by Kevin Brezler, Harrison City, PA)
VerSAILSVersailles. (Submitted by Joyce Hopkins, Los Gatos, CA)
We Can Count & Color.W.C.C.C. Westmoreland County Community College. (Submitted by Jason Hominsky, Greensburg, PA)
Wes EnWest End. Where Mickey's Rocks is located. (Submitted by B.J. Lang, Pittsburgh)
WespennWest Penn. William Penn's favorite penitentiary (Submitted by Sara Benjamin, Indiana, PA)
WestinhausWestinghouse. A large Pittsburgh Corporation (Submitted by Vince Joyce, Harrisburg, PA)
Will-kinz Tahn-shipWilkens Township. (Submitted by Adam and Ray Gusky, Churchill)
WindeezWendy's Restaurant. (Submitted by Renee Palazzi Lane, Fayetteville, NC)
WolkinsburgWilkinsburg. An east suburb. (Submitted by G. Pavlovich, Pittsburgh)
Woody HighNickname for Woodland Hills High School in the Eastern Suburbs of Pittsburgh. (Submitted by , )
Woolery'sWholley's. Well known fish and seafood wholesale and reastaurant in the Strip District. (Submitted by , )
WoolmerdingWilmerding. Der ain't no Winkys in Woolmerding. (Submitted by Jim Owston, Beckley, WV)
WoolsworseWoolworth department store. "Woolsworse got da bes prezls" (Submitted by Shorty, Alabama)
Worshington D.C.Where tha president lives. (Submitted by Adam Gusky, Churchill)
YockYoughighenny River. Famous for Ahiapyle (Ohiopyle) and rafting. (Submitted by Tori Ridgely, Somerset, PA)
YurpEurope. Yinz bin jaggin' rahn Yurp all summer. Lookit those passport stamps! (Submitted by Joel Kmetz, Durham, NC)
Zelie or "Zillion Opal"Zelienople. (Submitted by Jean Gantzer, Cranberry Township)